Tito Tang, David Soto-Setzke, Cristopher Kohl, Thomas Köhn, Jürgen Lohrer, Johannes Betz
T. Tang, D. Soto-Setzke, C. Kohl, T. Köhn, J. Lohrer, and J. Betz, “EE-Architektur für mobile Dienste,” ATZ Extra, vol. 19, no. 14, pp. 40–45, Oct. 2014, doi: 10.1365/s35778-014-1356-8
Publication year: 2014

The Visio.M project meets the requirements from the increasing networking of electronic components in the vehicle with the central architecture design, among other things. A central control unit manages the entire vehicle. Through a component-oriented development process, the Automotive Service Bus enables the simple and fast integration of new information sources and their linkage with information from the vehicle and also offers a uniform user interface.

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